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10pp improvement in revenue due to productivity increases in a financial services company

A multinational Savings and Investment company captured efficiency and productivity opportunities, resulting in a 10pp increase in revenue

Background and identified issues
  • A Financial Services company needed to launch a program to improve EBIT in the context of a change in the majority shareholder

  • A political and economic environment of instability halted industry growth, putting pressure on costs

  • A culture of low accountability facilitated the indiscriminate growth of BAU and project-related costs in recent years

Main actions
  • Based on a series of quantitative analyses, 15 efficiency and productivity initiatives were prioritized

  • The initiatives were assessed at a high level and those with the greatest impact and feasibility were deepened

  • In addition, we worked on organizational fronts that served as enablers of the program

Impact of the project
  • Monitoring and control tools were transferred to the Planning and Budgeting department

  • Business cases, implementation plans and enablers were detailed to ensure progressive capture over the next 2 years


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