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After its operational transformation, a basic services company saved 10% in staffing and 14% in costs, impacting its EBITDA by 4%

A basic services company facing market and regulatory challenges needed to transform its operation to become more efficient.


At SummaPartners, we guided them through organizational redesign and critical process optimization using the following methodology:

  • We conducted a detailed diagnosis of their current operation at both organizational and process levels, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their operations.

  • We redesigned the organization to be agile and effective, capturing efficiencies equivalent to 10% of staffing costs.

  • We redesigned and optimized their critical processes using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) methodology, eliminating inefficiencies and generating savings equivalent to 14% of costs in the targeted areas.

  • We structured a roadmap for implementation, ensuring the execution of improvements within 7 months.


Following the transformation, our client achieved savings equivalent to 4% of their EBITDA, where the benefits were perceived during the first 7 months of implementation.

If your company is considering optimizing its organization, talent, and culture to reach its full potential, contact us.


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