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Efficiency of 14% in expenses (using ZBB) in Basic Services company

A healthcare services company achieved a 14% reduction in its expenses and implemented a Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) process

Background and identified issues
  • A Chilean healthcare company needed to estimate its maximum efficiency potential and chart the roadmap to capture it

  • In addition to implementing a zero-based budgeting program to seek to maintain and consolidate the cost efficiencies generated

Main actions
  • Identification of approximately ~40 efficiency initiatives, which were validated and assessed in collaboration with the company's executive team

  • Development of detailed business cases and implementation roadmaps to ensure the successful execution of the initiatives

  • Design and implementation of a Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) process within the company

Impact of the project
  • Achievement of 14% in savings at the total company SG&A level, resulting in a consequent increase of 4.5 pp in EBITDA

  • Adjustment to the budgeting process through the implementation of a zero-based methodology


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