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A financial services company has shifted its operational model and value proposition in branches to capture efficiencies of approximately 20% of its expenses

Our client, a financial services company, recognized the need to optimize its branch network to streamline its operations and enhance competitiveness.


At SummaPartners, we guided them through this challenge following the process below:

  • We conducted a diagnosis of the current branch network (flow, usage, and costs).

  • We redesigned the operational model and value proposition of the branches, differentiating them by clusters.

  • We supported the development of self-service initiatives and the migration of processes to remote channels (omnichannel experience).

  • We developed a network optimization plan based on active constraints (e.g., lease contracts).

  • We assessed the impact of the improvements and designed the capture plan.

  • We supported the implementation of the process.

Throughout this process, we agreed on a three-wave implementation plan, outlining key milestones, timelines, responsible parties, and enablers for the redesign, enabling them to capture efficiencies of approximately 20% of their branch expenses.

If your company is considering implementing an efficiency and productivity strategy to reach its full potential, contact us.


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