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We tackle complex problems, bringing to the table a wide range of experience and knowledge, and objective and unbiased perspective, and access to data and information to provide pragmatic and effective solutions


We address complex problems with an analytical and rigorous approach in order to understand the root causes of detected challenges, identify improvement opportunities, and develop clear and effective strategies


We objectively assess situations, identifying disparities, setbacks, and opportunities without an organizational biases, providing an impartial and fresh perspective


We bring extensive experience and knowledge across multiple industries and clients. We use proven methodologies, suggest best practices, and bring successful recipes to effectively address the identified challenges


We employ networks of worldwide experts and use data originating from various industries and geographies to recommend solutions based on market best practices

Types of challenges we address

  • 01/ Growth and profitability strategies
    - Full potential strategies - New business models design and new market entry strategies - Go-to-market strategies
  • 02/ Customer management, value propositions and pricing
    - Customer experience improvement programs - Customer segmentation and value propositions redesign - Pricing and revenue management - Customer loyalty programs - Comercial strategies and process enhancement
  • 03/ Organizational optimization, talent and culture
    - Organizational optimization and agility - Corporate governance strengthening - Incentive's system redesign - Change management and culture
  • 04/ Efficiency and Productivity Increase
    - Identification of cost and expenses efficiency opportunities - Productivity enhancement and continuous improvement programs - Process redesign and optimization - Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) - Procurement strategies
  • 05/ Digital transformation, analytics, and automation
    - Digital transformation acceleration strategies - Digital new business models design - Omnichannel and digital experience improvements programs - Advance analytics solutions - Business intelligence development - Process automation and robotization
  • 06/ Financing
    - Advisory on financing and capitalization strategies - Evaluation and restructuring of financial structure - Capital raising - Financial planning and risk management
  • 07/ Implementation and turnarounds
    - Support in implementation and PMO (Project Management Office) - Performance improvement program - Investment profitability enhancement
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