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MNC in the airport industry redesigned its organizational system with a focus on its 2022-2025 growth plan

Our client, a major provider of air cargo services operating in multiple airports in Latin America, was undergoing an expansion process and recognized the need to adapt to the digitalization and globalization of the industry. After an M&A process, the company aimed to review and standardize its organizational system to improve efficiency and prepare for an increase in volume of between 5% and up to 24% in some of its business lines. Based on a detailed diagnosis of the initial situation, SummaPartners designed a transformation plan that led to a redefinition of the structure, roles, responsibilities, competencies, incentive systems, planning, control, and governance of the company.

In 4 months:

  • We redesigned the corporate and business unit structure based on detailed clustering to gain effectiveness and scalability.

  • We defined the roles and responsibilities of senior executives, establishing management KPIs to contribute to the business's success and alignment with the strategic vision.

  • We mapped talent, identifying high-potential collaborators for the creation of a robust succession plan and strengthening needs in key positions.

  • We optimized the decision-making process, reducing coordination time and increasing operational control of the business.

  • We redesigned some key processes, improving operational agility and resource management efficiency.

  • We restructured the incentive system and created a performance management system, improving strategic alignment and team motivation.

This comprehensive strategy has positioned our client at the forefront of the airport industry, ready to capitalize on opportunities in an ever-evolving sector and proactively respond to emerging challenges such as sustainability and operational security.

If your company is considering optimizing its organization, talent, and culture to reach its full potential, contact us.


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