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A renewable energy company increased its project execution speed by 25% following a restructuring of its workflow

A photovoltaic energy company aimed to transform its operational methods to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. In a context characterized by high competition and low entry barriers, the company needed to differentiate itself through operational excellence.


At SummaPartners:

  • We identify key opportunities for efficiency and productivity, filtering through a wide range of improvement initiatives.

  • We set improvement goals for efficiency and productivity across different periods.

  • We design and launch an operational transformation program based on continuous improvement, guiding the implementation of each initiative.

  • We redesign the most relevant operational processes using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) methodology.

  • We define adjustments to the incentive system (OKRs) to ensure executive alignment.

  • We develop a cultural change program to embed operational excellence into the work culture.

  • We empower a transformation office with methodology to ensure the successful execution of the entire process.


The preceding effort, accomplished within a span of five months, facilitated the attainment of the stipulated execution timelines across all business lines while significantly enhancing competitiveness. This enhancement has commenced manifesting in the company's sales growth.


If your company is considering implementing an efficiency and productivity strategy to maximize its potential, contact us.


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