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After adjusting its organizational system and processes, the copper mining company doubled the capacity of its environmental management, improving its operational efficiency and minimizing compliance

In a context of increasing environmental demands, a copper mining company at the beginning of its expansion phase sought to strengthen its environmental and permitting department to better absorb the current workload and prepare for future challenges and requirements.


At SummaPartners, we enhance the performance of management by specifically redesigning the organizational and process systems:

  • We conduct a diagnosis of the structure, roles and responsibilities, governance system, and personnel to understand if they are suitable for fulfilling management functions.

  • We map the current process network and its key characteristics, such as execution flow, manual steps, recurrence, improvement opportunities, and time dedication, among others.

  • We prioritize the identified processes based on their relevance and improvement opportunities to create detailed solution designs.

  • Together with our clients, we define adjustments to the organizational system to address future workload increases and proposed changes to processes.

  • We design detailed solutions for prioritized processes, such as improvements in interdepartmental coordination, optimization of available information, and supportive tools, among others.

  • We design a monitoring system for key processes and main management compliance indicators to support management.

In this way, we double the capacity of the environmental management, providing greater control over area commitments — from management to execution — to reduce the risk of operation interruption due to non-compliance.

If your company is considering improving its operational methods to achieve its maximum potential, contact us.


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