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Capture of 18 MM USD through the implementation of revenue management in port operator

The leading port operator in the region identified pricing and revenue management initiatives worth 18 MM USD

Background and identified issues
  • The client had initiated a process of identifying tariff adjustment opportunities that had proven to have a significant impact on margins

  • However, they lacked a defined methodology for identifying and evaluating initiatives of this nature

  • In this context, our role was to: a) identify additional initiatives, b) prioritize efforts, c) detail and identify enablers for each initiative, and d) accelerate the capture of the addressed opportunities by scaling them to all ports (differentiated according to the market reality of each one)

Main actions
  • Understanding of the market reality and competitive environment in 3 different ports

  • Development of a methodology for identifying opportunities based on different levels (Fix the basics, Value-based Pricing Strategy, and Commercial Systematics)

  • Identification of opportunities in all three dimensions

  • Identification of commercial planning processes and rituals necessary to perpetuate the PRM culture

  • Workshop with 10 port terminals to roll out the methodology

Impact of the project
  • Identification of +45 PRM initiatives with a potential impact of USD 18 MM

  • Wave 1 implementation pipeline of opportunities totaling 4.5 MM USD


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