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Design of a digital transformation strategy in the healthcare sector

A leading Healthcare institution in Chile defined its digital transformation strategy and plan, and implemented agile methodology within its organization

Background and identified issues
  • The healthcare institution needed to accelerate its digitization to maintain its leadership and enhance its differentiation through innovation

  • Customer satisfaction improvement had slowed down due to the unsuccessful implementation of digital solutions and projects aimed at providing frictionless healthcare services

Main actions
  • The company's digital maturity was assessed by measuring culture, organization, data usage, and technology

  • Pain points in the patient journey were identified through the analysis of satisfaction surveys, interviews, and evaluation of the systems involved

  • Two phases of the patient journey were prioritized, and the implementation of MVPs was initiated to address the identified pain points

Impact of the project
  • A Digital Transformation Office was established to lead the evolution of digital maturity and the implementation of agile methodology within the organization

  • A detailed cultural change plan was developed to enable a digital culture, which included a roadmap to reach the next state of digital maturity, and a methodology for identifying and prioritizing projects with customer value


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