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Design of a strategic plan to double the generation capacity of an electrical company within 5 years

Electric generation company, based on ERNC technologies, defined a strategic plan to double its generation capacity over the next 5 years

Background and identified issues
  • An electric generation company needed to estimate its maximum potential and define a 5-year strategic plan, serving as a roadmap for the controlling group's future decision-making process

Main actions
  • Analysis of the external context and market trends, as well as an assessment of the company's internal situation and capabilities

  • Identification of opportunities to maximize the company's value and the development of business cases to assess their feasibility and prioritize the pool of initiatives

  • Design of a roadmap to capture the opportunities in the short and medium term

Impact of the project
  • Alignment between the executive team and the Board of Directors regarding business priorities, goals, and potential avenues of growth for the company

  • Implementation of a new methodological approach by the executive team on how to evaluate and address the company's future growth


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