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Efficiencies of 1 MM USD in automotive dealer

Leading company in the national automotive market captured efficiencies of ~1 MM USD through a change in its customer service model

Background and identified issues
  • Vehicle distribution and retail sales company needed to adjust its service model on the sales floor to improve customer experience and process cost efficiencies

  • Exponential growth of the digital channel required adaptation of the customer service model

  • Business margins contracted as a result of a drop in commissions from financial intermediaries

Main actions
  • Opportunities for improvement in the customer experience were identified through the analysis of satisfaction surveys and visits to stores

  • Efficiency initiatives were identified based on an exhaustive diagnosis of processes on the sales floor

  • Opportunities were assessed at a high level and those with the greatest impact and feasibility were deepened

Impact of the project
  • A leadership and monitoring team was established to mobilize the organization and capture opportunities

  • Business cases were detailed, and implementation was driven, ensuring the capture of 1 MM USD within a year


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