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Enhancement of productivity in a multinational Retailer

A multinational Retail company redesigned its processes, achieving a 13% increase in labor productivity and thereby scaling its omnichannel operation

Background and identified issues
  • A Retail company needed to adjust its in-store processes to cope with the explosive growth of the online channel during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The growth of the online channel resulted in a considerable increase of the in-store staffing

  • Existing processes were not optimized to leverage sales effectively

Main actions
  • Field visits were conducted to identify the key redesign opportunities

  • Timing was recorded, and process volumes were analyzed based on the company's system information

  • The process was redesigned, eliminating duplicate stages and removing those that did not add value

Impact of the project
  • Productivity was improved by 13% (Number of orders/FTE)

  • The initiatives developed were mainly related to:

- Redefinition of roles

- Enhancement of picking application

- Optimization of in-store picking warehouses


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