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Organizational redesign to double EBITDA in a transportation company

A national passenger transportation company redesigned its organization, enabling a strategic plan to double its EBITDA in 5 years

Background and identified issues
  • Due to a change in top management, a passenger transportation company developed a 5-year strategic plan to double their EBITDA

  • However, their organization lacked the necessary capabilities to drive this plan and achieve its goals

Main actions
  • Alignment of the optimal structure with well-defined areas and functions, identifying internal candidates for each of the new positions

  • Design of an incentive system that aligns with key business KPIs for each role and the establishment of a governance system with defined roles for each person in every company decision

  • Building cultural levers that drive key dimensions for the strategy (customer focus, accountability, and coordination/integration)

Impact of the project
  • The change management plan with cultural and communication elements was transferred to the Development Department

  • The organizational change plan was communicated to the top management and implemented in stages according to the development of the necessary capabilities


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