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Tips for an effective application for Analyst positions at SummaPartners

Because we want to support you on your journey to reach your full potential, here are some recommendations that will help you make a strong application to our Analyst selection process.

At SummaPartners, we have prepared these tips for you that will help you throughout the Analyst selection process, from preparing for the problem-solving test to being ready for the final interview:


Tips for preparing for the problem-solving test

For this stage you will need to spend time solving GMAT problems, focus on improving your weak areas, have good time management during the test, and be confident in your abilities.

Consider the following tips to prepare for the test:

  • Simulate the test conditions in advance

  • Prepare your calculator, paper, and utensils in a quiet space for an hour

  • Estimate and respect the time you will dedicate to each question

  • Some topics included in the test are: analysis extraction, numerical questions, insights from graphs and data tables focused on evaluating candidates' business judgment - practice them

Check out more tips for the problem-solving test from a SummaPartners Analyst here.

First round of interviews

In this stage, it will be crucial to structure your approach, communicate clearly, demonstrate your analytical skills, and be flexible and adaptable in your approach.

You will have one to three 60-minute interviews where we will ask you cultural fit questions and discuss your resume. Then, we will assess your business judgment through a case, and finally, we will give you time to ask any questions you may have for the interviewer.

Take into account the following tips for the case:

  • Having a clear understanding of the objective is the compass that will guide you towards its solution - but remember, there's not just one correct answer; focus on the process to arrive at the solution

  • Be organized and create a clear structure for how you'll approach solving it

  • Think aloud with the interviewer and don't hesitate to ask for any relevant data you might need for the case

  • Utilize reputable case preparation resources such as Case in Point, HBS Case Guide,,, and KCC Case Book, among others - make full use of them

  • Present a comprehensive and well-articulated solution, ensuring it makes sound business sense

In-person case

In this stage, it will be important for your storytelling to be persuasive, that you have researched the client company, that you highlight your recommendations with impactful and solid qualitative and quantitative data, and that you are prepared to answer difficult questions.

We will send you a business case that you will have to solve individually and then present to one of our partners in 30 minutes, during which we will evaluate your critical and analytical skills.

  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the database and consider which data points may be relevant for your analysis

  • Apply your business judgment to reach the solution - complex formulas are not required for case resolution

  • Create a self-contained presentation, meaning it can be understood without the need for additional explanation

Final interview

In this final stage, the most important thing is that you have conducted prior research on SummaPartners and that you demonstrate your authenticity.

The last step of the selection process is a 60-minute final interview with one of our partners, where we will discuss your motivations and interests and assess the cultural fit between you and the company.

  • The session is a conversation, so there's no need for further preparation other than being knowledgeable about what our company does

  • Relax, be yourself, and feel free to ask any questions you may have

We hope these tips are helpful, and to learn more about what the SummaPartners Analyst selection process entails, hear it from one of our Analysts here.

If you missed the last selection process, follow us on to stay informed about future job opportunities.


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