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Transport company that underwent a rapid growth process redesigned its organization to ensure its sustainability

Our client, a transportation company, had been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 30% over the past few years and wanted to develop a strategic plan to double its business in 5 years.


However, a comprehensive diagnosis of the business, conducted by SummaPartners, identified that - in addition to commercial and business opportunities - the organization did not have the robustness required to sustain the current business and project its growth profitably in the long term.


Thus, to carry out the business transformation objectives and preparation for growth that the company had set for itself, our team accompanied them in:


  • Redesign of the organizational structure, ensuring clear roles and responsibilities and avoiding duplication.

  • Definition of a robust incentive system, based on business-value KPIs that fostered collaboration across the organization.

  • Optimization of the governance system, ensuring a decision-making process aligned with responsibilities and structured in clear instances.

  • Redesign of key commercial and operational processes, seeking to enhance the customer experience with greater standardization and efficiency.


Together with the client, we structured a plan in three stages to achieve these adjustments. We actively led the first stage, mitigating the risks of the business transformation process and ensuring that the design was embedded in the way of operating, which required addressing change management challenges.


As a result, today, this company is on a growth path.


If your company is considering working on a growth and profitability strategy to reach its full potential, contact us.


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